اعلانات وظائف قسم تكنولوجيا المعلومات3-6-2019

We are looking for freelance developer working
- seat chart svg -
like this
( https://www.eventat.com/en/e/arthur-night/seats?date=6122 )

please contact with me or h.awajan@LineKW.com As soon as possible,
we wanted dynamic seat chart full control

More details : 1 - add row of seat chart
       2 - remove row
       3 - add singel seat
               4 - delete seat
need Quality Assurance Tester CVs for Riyadh.If you know male colleagues are interested with around 2 years experience . To send the CV to hrksa@clicksides.com with title QA-KSA
IT reputable company is interested to hire full -time Marketing Executive-Male

Job responsibilities:

- Identify Countries of Interest and the planned approach per Country (Direct or Indirect)
- Identify Market Regions
- Identify Market Sectors
- Identify Potentials for each Sector
- Identify Key Persons per Potential Organization

- Identify occasions per country

- Per Country / Region:
o Identify potential Partners / Resellers
o Manage Partners

- Identify Products that we can sell either:
o Direct
o indirect
o off-the-shelf
o Integration and Implementation effort.

- For each Product:
o Create Brochures
o PowerPoint Presentations
o Template Offers
o Update Web Sites
o New Releases
o Intro Emails
o Company owned Media channels:

4 years minimum experience in marketing & same responsibilities of the above.
Candidates must have experience in Gulf & Middle East market.
Bachelor degree in IT, Marketing or any related field.
Friendly, talkative & convincing personality.
English Language: Excellent.
Strong experience in all the above mentioned job tasks.

Important Note: we are not going to look to any other position or non- qualified people, we are only looking for the person who 100% complies with the above criteria.

If you only find yourself 100 % qualified, please send us email : to  n.aqel@hotmail.com
Company: Sporter.com
Vacancy: IT Project Coordinator (PMO)
Contract : Temp contract 3-6 months

Main Responsibilities:

•Setting goals and defining the project.
•Analyzing risks and opportunities.
•Planning, Budgeting, developing a timeline and monitoring project progress and handle any issues that arise.
•Executing and act as the point of contact and communicate project status to CTO and management.
•Monitoring and Controlling: Ensuring compliance with deadlines and project specifications, problem-solving.
•Closing: Bringing the project to its conclusion on time, within budget and with desired results.


•Proven work experience as a Projects Coordinator or similar role in the IT field.
•Experience in IT project management, from conception to delivery.
•An ability to prepare and interpret flowcharts, schedules and step-by-step action plans.
•Solid organizational skills, including multitasking and time-management.
•Familiarity with risk management and quality assurance control.
•Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Project and Microsoft Planner.
•Familiarity with the following :
1. ERP – SAP system
2. E-commerce – Magento
3. BI tools
4. Mobile App
•PMP certification is a plus.

For interested candidates, please send your CV to Talents@sporter.com mentioning “PMO” in the subject line.
Need Cyber Security engineers to work for a Canadian company.

One of the following certification:
- Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
- CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)
- Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
- Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

Specialized knowledge and experience with evaluating system, network, or infrastructure security controls against requirements such as FISMA, FIPS, and NIST guidelines
Knowledge and experience with the vulnerability scanning execution, assessment, and analysis
Knowledge and experience with the operating system and network knowledge (i.e., Local Area Networks [LAN] and Wide Area Networks [WAN])
Knowledge and experience with information security and assurance principles (e.g., Defense-in-depth) and associated supporting technologies
Knowledge and experience with application security, database security, and network security
Ability to assess and weigh current and evolving security threats in an operational environment

Job Type: Contract

Please send your resume to moeen@i0t.ca
We are hiring for Full-Stack developer to develops and implements web-based Java applications to support business requirements.

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Computer Science, Engineering (Any) or related field and 1 year of experience building scalable applications.

Skills required:

*Experience programming in Java / JEE. Experience with Spring framework with it Sub modules (mvc, secutity…etcs).

*Experience programming in React JS.

*Experience with Design patterns.

*Experience with the following: Web Services (REST), MongoDB, Messgae broker, Redis.

*knowledge in microservices.

Email : careers@z-mission.com
We are hiring!
Devoways is looking for Mid developers with 2-3 years of experience with the following skills:

1. Bsc in and IT field or any related one.
2. .Net Core
3. Entity frame work
4. Angular

Experience in E-commerce is a huge plus.

If you are interested Send CV to hr@devoways.com
New Aeon is looking for IOS developer 1-3 years’ experience

1.Responsible for the definition, design, development and successful and timely completion of major new features in current and future products.

2.Work with engineering team members to explore and create interesting solutions while sharing knowledge amongst the team.

3.Performing code reviews for your peers where you will be learning from and contributing to a collaborative working model.

4.Recommending alternative approaches to solving complex problems and utilizing new technology to achieve goals.

5.Working at different levels of the stack in order to pull off challenging features. Highly adaptable to rapid change and re-prioritization.

6.Responsible for debugging and delivering the best possible application performance and adopting the best testing practices to help you find and fix bugs early.

7.Partner with product management to imagine, design, develop, test, and launch software that invigorates our community and inspires our peers.

1. BS degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or a related subject

2. Have published one or more iOS apps in the app store.

3.A deep familiarity with Swift and Cocoa Touch.

4.Strong data-oriented skills with knowledge of Core Data and database design.

5.Experience with third-party libraries.

6.Familiarity with RESTful APIs to connect iOS applications to back-end services.

7.Familiarity with Firebase and google analytics.

8.Experience with performance and memory tuning with tools.

9.Strong problem-solving skills with the ability to navigate highly complex and ambiguous situations.

10.Experience with Git, including branching and merging strategies.

11.Knowledge in machine learning as plus.

Kindly send your resume to eyad@new-aeon.com
A software company located in Amman, Jordan is looking for a female fresh graduate candidate for a two month non paid training on microsoft cloud services.

-candidates must have a bachelor or diploma degree in computer science, software engineering or any related field.

kindly send your cv to:
Are you Superman or Batman ?!

We are looking for below positions :

- Social Media specialist - 2 years experience
- Graphic Desiner - 2 years experience
- Sales team - No experience needed

Share with us your CV on :
Job required in UAE - Dubai Based

Java developer required, JAVA, Eclipse IDE, Web Services, Oracle PLSQL, Linux OS, 3-5 experience in Financial services

Job opportunity for graduate.



SQL server






If you are interested Send CV to Mohannad_safory@hotmail.com
شركة اراك للبرمجيات بحاجة مبرمجين
ios swift 
خبر لا تقل عن سنة ونص
والسيفي تبعث على 
بدي شب او صبيه بيعرفو يشتغلو على

( illustrator / Photoshop / website )

بقدر يبعتو السي في ( CV ) على الايميل هاد


ملاحظة: تحديد مكان السكن في الايميل
تعلن شركة النخبة عن توفر شواغر في كبرى الشركات في دولة الكويت

- Senior PHP Developer
- PHP كبير مطوري

1. شرط خبرة عملية لا تقل عن 4 سنوات في PHP and PHP Frameworks
مثل Zend, Symfony و Laravel
2. خبرة في
JavaScript (NodeJS, ReactJS, TypeScript, …)PHPUnit او Behat
3. خبرة في PHPUnit or Behat
4. قدرة ممتازة على البرمجة بلغة php
5. خبرة متقدمة في  MySQL 
6. خبرة في  modern ORM's (Eloquent, Doctrine, etc.)
7. على دراية تامة و مفهوم كامل عن قواعد التصميم و البرمجة الرئيسية مثل  OOP, EAV, MVC, SOLID, REST, Agile Scrum
8. العمل في بيئة عمل جماعي متعاون باستخدام ادوات مثل JIRA and Git
9. خبرة عملية في تصميم بيئة cloud باستخدام ادوات مثل MS AZURE و GOOGLE cloude
10. معرفة في اليات الصرف مثل (OPCache, Redis, Memcached, …);
11. خبرة في تزامن بناء العمليات async architecture

للمهتمين ولمن تنطبق عليهم الشروط الرجاء ارسال السيرة الذاتية كمرفق او مستند على البريد الالكتروني مع ضرورة كتابة المسمى الوظيفي في خانه الموضوع

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